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Enhance Soft Skills

With increasing globalization and the Internet influence on the daily lives of consumers, professionals and managers need to constantly update their knowledge and skills and make use of the latest sales, marketing and communications techniques. Thanks to our partnership with leading training centers in Singapore, MICE Makers is ready to offer a wide range of professional programs for individuals and corporate clients.

We can help organisations enhance the following soft skills of their employees through our extensive continuous professional development training. We offer multiple soft skills programs but we also work with our clients to develop additional programs to meet their specific needs.

Let us know what you are looking for and we will contact you to discuss the many customization options available.

Corporate Training Courses Price
Event Management
Business Management
Human Capital Management
Personal Effectiveness
Strategic Thought Leadership
Written Communication
Creativity and Innovation

More Benefits

How to get more benefits from the MICE MAKERS Corporate Trainings:

  • Determine the training needed
  • Choose the people from your team who need to be trained
  • Contact us for further discussion regarding your Corporate Training planning
  • Keep in touch for specific details of your training
  • Draw up a detailed and well planned corporate training

Corporate team buildings

Our team-building programs in Singapore will unite employees, establish friendly ties, and help them become a highly-efficient professional team.


Incentive Corporate Trips

One of the best ways to motivate employees and invest in their efficiency is to provide them with an incentive trip to Singapore.


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